We handle every case professionally and with care.

TPI Lawyers offer you expert legal care with no upfront fees, including a free consultation, and no payment required until we win your case.

Our team’s shared legal experience spans over 45 years, and each member of our team firmly believes in growing our collective knowledge and expertise.

With professionalism and determination, TPI Lawyers provide you and your personal injury claim with a wide range of options on your path to a successful settlement.

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You have rights.

We understand that your accident was a very difficult time, and we are here to ensure that the rights and benefits you’re entitled to alleviate some of your concerns.

Our personal injury lawyers help you understand the claims that are available to you, tailoring their counsel carefully to suit your specific accident or injury.

If you’re unsure of your options, or want to confirm that your insurance company is meeting your needs, please reach out.

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If you’ve experienced

you may be entitled to:

We’re with you every step of the way.

How does the claims process work, and how do I get my settlement?

TPI Lawyers are ready to guide you through our four-step process of claim resolution. No matter how many questions you have, our expert personal injury lawyers are eager to improve your odds of a settlement, and if need be, proceed to litigation.

How a claim is settled:

Report and document your accident

As much evidence as possible is gathered by the victim.

Find the best legal help

A trustworthy advisor is tasked with working towards a settlement.

Document your health

As the case progresses, the victim’s key medical information is gathered and tracked.

Pressure your insurance company to do the right thing

The insurer is educated by a lawyer, who advocates on his client’s behalf.

Car and motor vehicle accidents

Did you sustain a serious injury in a motor vehicle accident?

While these types of accidents are increasing exponentially, more and more insurance restrictions are preventing thousands of Ontarians from receiving the compensation they deserve.

TPI Lawyers work diligently to earn you the largest settlement possible, and will follow up on your case to ensure that you receive the care you need.

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Slip and fall accidents

Have you been involved in a slip and fall accident?

Swift, unexpected, and often unavoidable, slip and fall injuries can suddenly derail your life. Anyone injured in a slip and fall—due to weather or a business owner’s negligence—has the right to seek compensation.

TPI Lawyers apply our expertise to your settlement, which ensures that you receive the compensation you deserve and the care you need.

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Long-term and short-term disability

Have you suffered a disability—in the short or long term—that changed your day-to-day life or prevented you from working?

When suddenly faced with a painful, inconvenient, or debilitating injury, your quality of life can be compromised unfairly. You may have experienced physical or emotional suffering, financial stresses due to unemployment, or other expenses related to adapting your home to accommodate your disability.

TPI Lawyers’ top priority is getting you the help needed for a smooth recovery, which means the compensation you deserve and the care you need.

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What do insurance companies do for me?

TPI Lawyers are well aware of the many tactics insurance companies use to prevent accident victims from accessing the compensation they rightly deserve.

Often, without a determined effort, insurance companies will withhold these funds. That’s why TPI Lawyers are here: We fight for you.

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We believe in serving Ontarians with respect and dignity—and insurance companies should too.

TPI Lawyers are Ontario legal experts, and pride themselves on working diligently to ensure that your case is treated fairly.

Our personal injury lawyers navigate the complex legal system and identify which rights best support your case. Throughout the process, we are careful to educate and inform you of your entitlements. As we work together to compile evidence for your case, we improve your odds of a successful settlement.