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We handle every case professionally and with care.

TPI Lawyers, in Mississauga offers you expert legal care with no upfront fees, including a free consultation, and no payment required until we win your case.

Our team’s shared legal experience spans over 45 years, and each member of our team firmly believes in growing our collective knowledge and expertise.

With professionalism and determination, TPI Lawyers provide you and your personal injury claim with a wide range of options on your path to a successful settlement.

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Slip and Fall

Slip-and-Fall Accidents



Short- and Long-Term Disability Claims

The TPI Experience

Expert Legal Representation with Skill and Integrity

At TPI, you’ll be treated with dignity and compassion as we apply our expertise to win your case.

TPI was like family. I had full confidence and trust in them, and what seemed impossible became possible.

Arabella from Ajax

TPI Lawyers put their heart into what they do.

Adrian from Oakville

TPI Lawyers truly work to serve people. They told me I didn’t have to worry about anything—and that was true!

Olga from Mississauga

You have rights. We can explain them.

We understand that your accident created incredibly difficult circumstances, and we are here to ensure that the rights and benefits you’re entitled to alleviate some of your concerns.


Our experienced Mississauga personal injury lawyers will help you understand the claims that are available to you, tailoring their counsel carefully to suit your specific accident or injury.


If you’re unsure of your options, or simply want to confirm that your insurance company is meeting your needs, please reach out.

If you have experienced:

You may be entitled to:

Our Expertise

TPI has decades of experience across a range of circumstances relating to personal injury law.

What role do insurance companies play?
Why should I be concerned?

TPI Lawyers are well aware of the many tactics insurance companies use to prevent accident victims from accessing the compensation they rightly deserve.

Often, without a determined effort, insurance companies will withhold these funds. This is where TPI Lawyers can assist: We fight for the fair release of those funds to you.

We believe in serving Ontarians with respect and dignity—and insurance companies should too.

TPI Lawyers are Ontario legal experts, and pride themselves on working diligently to ensure that your case is treated fairly.

Our Mississauga personal injury lawyers navigate the complex legal system and identify which rights best support your case. Throughout the process, we are careful to educate and inform you of your entitlements. As we work together to compile evidence for your case, we improve your odds of a successful settlement.

We’re with you every step of the way.

Not sure if you qualify?

Tell us about your accident to see if you may have a case.

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