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Short- and Long-Term Disability Benefits

If you have suffered an injury or acquired an illness that prevents you from working, you are entitled to compensation to replace your lost income. There are two options our team can help you access: short-term disability and long-term disability.

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Short-Term Disability

Short-term disability benefits are offered for victims of injuries or illnesses that span a short amount of time.

Typically, insurance companies classify ‘short-term’ as any time up to six months. This depends on your employer’s insurance policy and the benefits it offers.

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Long-Term Disability

Long-term disability benefits provide replacement income if you are a victim of injuries or illnesses that span a longer time period.

Often, long-term disability is bundled with short-term disability coverage under your employer’s group insurance plan.

If you purchased a private life, accident, and/or sickness policy, you may also have long-term disability coverage.

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What types of disabilities are covered?

Employment and personal insurance policies vary in terms of its coverage, but generally, long-term disability policies will cover any type of injury or illness that prevents you from working.

Some policies exclude specific illnesses, while others exclude work-related injuries or illnesses.

To determine what is covered, you must read your policy. If you are covered by a group insurance plan, your employer should have given you a benefits booklet.

How are long-term benefits paid?

Long-term disability policies require the insurance company to pay an ongoing amount, usually monthly, while you meet the disability “test.” The insurance company is not obligated to pay the benefits in advance, or in a lump sum. Sometimes, the insurance company agrees to pay the victim a lump sum as a full and final settlement.

My insurance company denied my claim. I can’t work. How can I afford a lawyer?

Our lawyers, who are experts in suing insurance companies, agree to be paid on a ‘contingency basis,’ which means that we are paid only when your claim is successfully resolved.

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