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Slip and Fall

Are you one of the countless Canadians suffering from the physical, emotional, and financial stresses of a slip and fall?

At any given moment, and often embarrassingly in public, hazardous conditions can leave you with a lifetime of discomfort, costly medical treatment, and other financial setbacks.

We’re here to ensure you receive the settlement that you deserve – one that meets your needs and covers your care.

“Expert Legal Representation with Skill and Integrity.”

Not sure of your options?

Some Canadians choose not to hire a lawyer when they slip or fall on someone else’s property. They quite reasonably think they will be compensated by their insurance company or the other party’s insurance. Unfortunately, it’s in the best interest of an insurer to reduce their expenses, which often means awarding victims with the smallest compensation possible. This means, without appropriate representation on your side, you can expect your insurance company to take care of themselves at your expense.

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What qualifies as a slip and fall accident?

All owners are responsible for ensuring that their property is safe. If you fell on someone’s property and are injured, you may be eligible for a claim. Here are some of the reasons a place you visited may have been unsafe.

  • Torn carpeting
  • Changes in flooring levels
  • Poor lighting
  • Poorly maintained railings on stairs
  • Cracked or broken sidewalks
  • Narrow stairs
  • Wet or icy flooring

If your fall was due to any of these reasons or if you’re unsure if you qualify, get in touch for a free consultation to make sure you know your rights and options.

Why trust TPI with your slip and fall case?

Our personal injury lawyers are your best choice for a slip and fall case because:

We are objective and will negotiate on your behalf using all knowledge of the law, which will maximize your claims.

Compared to the average Canadian representing themselves, insurers have far more resources to negotiate and defend themselves in court. Hiring legal representation ensures that your side will be heard and addressed as effectively as possible.

Our lawyers gather and present all your required documents and evidence, including police and medical reports, witness comments, and testimonials from medical professionals and/or relevant experts. This greatly increases your chance of maximizing your compensation.

How does a Slip and Fall claim work?

First of all, be sure to document your accident.

If you believe that a property owner is responsible for your injury, write down what happened after the accident while it’s still fresh in your mind. Be sure to include: hazards in the property surface, if there were warning signs, and any relevant weather conditions.

If you can, take photos of the hazardous conditions and injuries you may have suffered. And be sure to visit your doctor or a walk-in clinic to assess your health.

Photograph where you fell

  • Take photos from many angles soon after to capture the entire environment of the fall.
  • If you are hospitalized or in too much pain, have a friend or family member return to take photos
  • For dangerous hazards, property owners often try to fix the issue immediately after your accident. This makes it especially important to get pictures as soon as possible.

See a doctor and keep detailed medical records

  • Regardless of the severity of your injuries, you should see a doctor.
  • Many injuries are not immediately visible, but your doctor will know what to examine.
  • This doctor’s visit also creates useful medical documentation.
  • Keep records of any follow-up appointments or treatments, including physical rehabilitation.
  • Carefully, clearly document your medical treatment.
  • Take note of your physical, emotional, mental state, as it links the accident to your injuries.

Photograph your injuries.

  • Your injuries are crucial to documenting in photos immediately after your fall
  • Be sure to photograph bruises on a regular basis over the following days as they will change in appearance

How long does the case process take?

A slip and fall case depends on many variables which means some cases are resolved faster than others. Factors include: if the other side disputes that they are at fault, the severity of injuries, the detail of the documentation, and if both sides agree on the injuries. If there is an agreement between parties, a slip and fall case can be resolved in just a few weeks.

It is crucial to properly prepare your evidence and establish your case if you want a fair slip and fall settlement due to an injury. While we can’t predict how long the case will take, it’s important to remember that we’re working on your behalf throughout the entire process and don’t get paid until you get paid.

How do you prove your case?

Since every case is different, determining a property owner’s fault for your slip and fall could use very different evidence compared to other cases. Generally, the major factors are:

  • Whether the property owner was careful to ensure that slipping or tripping was unlikely
  • Whether you caused your fall by not seeing the condition or hazard
  • Whether the property owner knew about the “dangerous condition,” either by causing it or failing to fix it
  • Whether the “dangerous condition” existed for a time period that would be considered reasonable for the property owner to fix

Ultimately, you must establish a ‘burden of proof’, which establishes negligence by the property owner.

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