Insurance company responsibilities

Why insurance companies won’t help you

Ontario insurance is changing every so often due to complaints from insurance providers, who are trying to stall the settlement process and doing the bare minimum for Ontarians. This raises concern, since insurance companies are the bottleneck to accessing your settlement.

Insurance companies are not in a hurry to help you through this complicated process, and they won’t go above and beyond for you unless you push them to. We will work to settle fairly as quickly as possible, but if necessary, will take it all the way to court to get them the claim you deserve. We don’t want you to receive the short end of their premeditated decisions. The better we are at educating you and building evidence, the more likely we can settle.

Whether you’ve experienced a motor vehicle accident/car accident, slip and fall accident, or are living with an injury as a result of an accident and are seeking support from an insurance company, our dedicated personal injury lawyers are determined to put pressure on your insurance company. If they fail to comply with the law concerning the details of your settlement, we will hold them accountable by presenting them with an Issuance of statement of claim, all in effort to get the best possible results for you.

Things to know about your insurance company

Call your legal care provider before contacting your insurance company. You should have a qualified representative accompanying you throughout every stage of your case; one that understands the applicable laws concerning your case, including:

  • Having all documentation (proof of accident, injuries, loss of income) complete within 30 days after initial contact with your insurance provider since the accident.
  • Completing the Application for Accident Benefits within 30 days.