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At TPI, our trusted and experienced personal injury lawyers handle every case with dignity and care. With them on your side, you won’t have to worry about your future after an accident. Get to know the professionals who will fight hard to win the settlement that you deserve.

Portrait of Alex Tzaferis

Alex Tzaferis


Alex started his law career by attending Wilfrid Laurier University for political science and philosophy, then went to Law school at Western. Studying in these fields sparked his interest in theory and constitutional law. Alex has had many years of experience as a professional lawyer, representing injured plaintiffs before the Superior Court in Ontario. Before starting his own law firm, he was working for another local law firm. Interacting with many different clients has taught him how to communicate to his clients in a way that helps them fully understand their unique situations and how to best address them, legally. He believes in getting his clients the best result in a fair and respectful manner.

Alex prides himself on being honest with his clients, telling them exactly what they need to do and explaining how the system in his practice works. Being down to earth and motivated to assist people is what makes TPI Lawyers the firm it is today.

Portrait of Phillip Paglino

Phillip Paglino


Phil always knew that he had a strong desire to help others. Now he’s able to do this through his law practice. In 2006, he earned a law degree from the University of Ottawa. The following year he was called to the Ontario Bar.

Phil is a highly experienced personal injury lawyer, having represented many of his clients in court. Some of the qualities that clients like about him is his ability to be understanding of their situation and give them his utmost attention.

Portrait of Bobby Vujicic

Bobby Vujicic

Earning a Bachelor of Science from McMaster University, Bobby started his law career in 2005. He is experienced in the Dispute Resolution Process and represents Motor Vehicle Accident Victims at the Licensing Appeals Tribunal and at the Small Claims Court.

Bobby believes working at TPI provides a much more hands on approach compared to their competitors, valuing honesty, great communication and client satisfaction above all. They give clients more face to face time, along with a great team environment in the office and can rely on each other for support.

Clients gravitate towards Bobby because of his straightforward and honest approach. Giving clients honest advice, and making time to meet with each and every client face to face are important parts of the service he provides.

Portrait of Claudia Kwok

Claudia Kwok

Claudia is a caring and passionate individual inspired to help people by way of law.

She has been licensed with the Law Society of Upper Canada as a Paralegal since 2013. She also has much experience in personal injury law, and is knowledgeable with the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule and Insurance Act specializing in Accident Benefits and Bodily Injury claims. Claudia puts much effort into being a dedicated team member committed to obtaining top results for her clients. She is also fluent in Cantonese and English.

Portrait of Anne-Marie Hanna

Anne-Marie Hanna

Having a masters of science (MMSc./MASc) and a degree in civil law, Anne-Marie had worked in the business industry, being responsible for the growth of a company’s assets. She was looking to expand the network she was working for and suddenly found interest in pursuing a career in law. She then secured a position as an in-house counsel, further pursuing a career that allowed her to develop her knowledge in diverse areas of law.

Anne-Marie believes that every step of her career has prepared her for her current role at TPI lawyers. Her listening skills, the willingness to research and setup for clients, her availability and timeliness, clarity in explanations and answers, and overall customer service are some of the things that make her stand out with her clients. A day in the life of Anne-Marie consists of listening, analysing and stepping in to resolve complicated situations. Other processes include: scheduling, processing data, conversations with clients, meetings, paperwork. But at the end of the day, the goal is to both feel, and be accomplished in all that she does.

One of Anne-Marie’s fondest memories is paragliding in the summertime. She also likes sending gifts, flowers and notes to people in need.

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